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King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures®

The Standard in Injectable Drug Compatibilty Since 1971

IV Drug Compatibility & Stability

The King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures has provided the most up-to-date, complete and innovative injectable drug compatibility and stability information since 1971. As a 'standard' reference in hospital pharmacy worldwide, the King Guide is a proven, authoritative resource for pharmacists, nurses, physicians and other practitioners involved in the preparation and administration of intravenous drugs.

Peer-Reviewed, Evidence Based

We strive to include in King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures only that information that has been published in refereed journals or information that is provided by the manufacturer.

We believe that by using only data that have been reviewed by peers via the professional literature, we insure the accuracy of the content of King Guide.

Unpublished results that have not had the benefit of scholarly review is not adequate for us to use, and in our opinion other references that rely heavily upon unpublished results should give one cause for concern.

Complete Information

  • Updated Quarterly Since 1971
  • Exceeds JCAHO Requirements
  • Over 500 IV drugs in 12 fluids
  • Over 2,600 References
  • Includes the routes, dosages, temperatures, and containers used to determine compatibility and stability.
  • Y-Site, Syringe, and other sets/container specific information.
  • Extensive TPN/TNA data.

Prevent Medication Errors

The single largest cause of medication errors is incomplete information and potentially the most costly are those involving intravenous drug therapy.

Immediate access to accurate, up-to-date, authoritative compatibility information is essential if such medication errors are to be avoided. By providing the King Guide on a variety of media practitioners can quickly lookup compatibility and stability information where it matters most - at the point of care.

There is a King Guide for every setting, often for less cost than a single improperly prepared admixture.


  • At-a-Glance View of 12 Fluids
  • Special Sections on Stability
  • Consistent 'Grid' Format'
  • Primary Source References
  • Over 25,000 Drug Combinations
  • Boxed Warning and Hazardous Drugs List and Identification
  • Proprietary and Generic Drug Names Provided
  • Results by Method of Mixing

What's New...

2016 IV Drug Compatibility Wall Charts - Available Now

    We added Lactated Ringer's infusion fluid.
    FDA Black Box Warning drugs are identified.
    Compatibility updates from over 600 pages of new reports added to the complete King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures over the last year.


Summer 2016 Update

In this supplement we added new drug monographs for CANGRELOR (including compatibility information with 99 drugs), and for TEDIZOLID (including compatibility information with 86 drugs). Also, we added new stability information for fifteen drugs: ABCIXIMAB, ALFENTANIL HYDROCHLORIDE, ALTEPLASE, AZITHROMYCIN DIHYCLATE, BUPIVACAINE LIPOSOME, CO-TRIMOXAZOLE, DAPTOMYCIN, DIGOXIN, ERTAPENEM, MICAFUNGIN SODIUM, MILRINONE LACTATE, PROPOFOL, QUINUPRISTIN AND DALFOPRISTIN, ROPIVACAINE HYDROCHLORIDE and ZICONOTIDE. In addition new compatibility information is reported for BUPIVACAINE LIPOSOME AND ZICONOTIDE.

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Dr. King's goal in publishing King Guide was to provide practitioners with a comprehensive, timely, and authoritative reference on parenteral admixtures. Today the King Guide continues to set the standard in injectable drug compatibility and stability by providing the most complete and up-to-date information in a variety of media designed to provide critical information where it's needed most - at the point of care.