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The King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures® has been a standard reference in hospital pharmacy since 1971. With full text monographs on over 580 injectable drugs in 12 fluids and quarterly updates the King Guide is the most updated reference on IV drug compatibility and stability available.


Available as a single-user license or site license. Full text monographs report compatibility and stability on over 602 injectable drugs in 12 fluids. Updated Quarterly.



Still the best way to maintain current information in print. The King Guide 4 volume loose-leaf edition includes full text monographs that report compatibility and stability on over 598 injectable drugs. Updated Quarterly.



Designed to provide an immediate 'yes' or 'no' answer by reporting y-site compatibility of 122 injectable drugs in 4 infusion fluids on a 27" x 27" laminated poster.



Add significant value to existing systems by incorporating the King Guide. Licensees receive regular quarterly updates to the King Guide database as well as unparalleled service and insight to the data and its many uses.

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