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Add IV Compatibility to Existing Systems

The King Guide has been relied upon by thousands of hospital pharmacies since its introduction in 1971. As a database, the King Guide continues to set the standard in injectable drug compatibility and stability information, and can be trusted to provide physicians, pharmacists, and intravenous nurses authoritative and up-to-date information.

For HIT vendors and hospitals. Add significant value to existing systems by incorporating the King Guide. Licensees receive regular quarterly updates to the King Guide database as well as unparalleled service and insight to the data and its many uses.

Ideal for: EMR, CPOE, eMAR, Practice Management, ePrescribing, Home Health, and Intelligent Pump/Device systems.

Site Linking

Provide access to the King Guide for your customers from within any website.

Issue Alerts in EMR/CPOE Systems

The King Guide data structure is well suited for systems that issue alerts during prescribing, fulfillment at the pharmacy, and patient administration.

Mobile Apps

Provide IV drug compatibility and stability data to mobile device users by including the King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures® database.

Smart Pumps

Provide compatibility checking in smart pumps that mix injectable drugs and fluids.

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