King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures®
Loose-Leaf Edition

The Original Standard in Hospital Pharmacy Since 1971

Providing the most up-to-date, complete and innovative injectable drug compatibility and stability information in hospital pharmacy worldwide, the King Guide is a proven, authoritative resource for pharmacists, nurses, physicians and other practitioners involved in the preparation and administration of intravenous drugs.

King Guide loose-Leaf Edition

"This is the most updated information on parenteral admixtures on the market."
IJPC Vol.5 No.4 July/August 2001.


  • Updated Quarterly Since 1971
  • Exceeds TJC Requirements
  • NABP Endorsed
  • Over 600 IV drugs with at-a-glance view of compatibility in 12 fluids
  • Over 3,200 Primary Source References
  • Includes routes, dosages, temperatures, and containers used to determine compatibility and stability.
  • Y-Site, Syringe, and other sets/container specific information.
  • Extensive TPN/TNA data.
  • Special Sections on Stability and Storage
  • Boxed Warning and Hazardous Drugs List and Identification
  • Proprietary and Generic Drug Names Included

Fall 2023

In this update we added a new monograph for NUTRILIPID.

We also added new stability information to the monographs for FAT EMULSION, NUTRILIPID, NOREPINEPHRINE BITARTRATE and TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION.

New compatibility information was added to the existing drug monographs for FAT EMULSION with 36 different drugs; INTRALIPID, NUTRILIPID, and SMOFLIPID, each with 17 different drugs; TOTAL PARENTERAL NUTRITION SOLUTIONS, TRACE ELEMENT SOLUTION, and VALPROATE SODIUM.

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