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King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures®

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In 2019, we added...

15 New Drugs
87 New Peer Reviewed References
New Compatibility Information for 157 Drugs
New Stability Information for 39 Drugs

A complete list of our updates is available on our news & updates page.

Online Edition

System wide access to our database makes decision making available where it's needed most - at the point of care. Full text monographs include route, dosage, temperature, and containers used to determine the stability and compatibility of over 530 injectable drugs.

Y-Site Compatibility Wall Charts

JCAHO endorsed, our wall charts are ideal for the pharmacy or nurses stations and are available in laminate for extra durability. Reports y-site compatibility of 123 drugs and 4 infusion fluids. Available in English and French.

Y-Site Compatibility for Apple Books

Mobile device y-site compatibility for 123 drugs and four infusion fluids. Available in English and French.

Print Edition

The original King Guide and still the best way to maintain rapidly changing information in print. Full text monographs include route, dosage, temperature, and containers used to determine the stability and compatibility of over 530 injectable drugs.

Database Licensing

For HIT vendors and hospitals. Add significant value to existing systems by incorporating the King Guide Database.

Drug Shortages Require Alternative Strategies

The ongoing shortage of drugs, and especially small volume parenteral solutions, is causing changes in methods of drug administration. The King Guide® to Parenteral Admixtures® is designed to help practitioners decide which alternative administration strategy is best.

Switching to IV push, using solutions other than saline, using large volume solutions, or using syringe infusion pumps, may change the stability and compatibility characteristics of the medication to be administered. Fortunately, King® Guide, the oldest continuously published reference on parenteral drug stability and compatibility, is designed to provide practitioners with the timely information they need in this era of drug shortages.

The King® Guide

  • Provides stability and compatibility data using 11 different infusion fluids
  • Lists drug compatibility and stability in small volume and large volume parenteral solutions
  • Presents separate listings of data for drugs given via Y-site, syringe, and admixture
  • Provides a database that cites results from 3,000 references in the pharmaceutical, medical, and nursing literature
  • Is available as an online database as well as a print version

Consistency Counts

2019 marks the 48th year that the King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures has been the leading source of the most up-to-date IV drug compatibility and stability information in hospital pharmacy practice worldwide.  In those 48 years, Dr. James King and Dr. Patrick Catania have been the only editors of the King Guide and have made carefully crafted updates every quarter using painstaking and time-tested methods for data collection and reporting. No other references can claim this kind of consistency in information compilation.

Well Informed Decisions

Drug safety, improved patient outcomes, ensuring compliance and eliminating costly errors have always been our top priorities. Using the latest technology and a consistent editorial team benefits practitioners' ability to analyze continuously updated information without sacrificing convenience and mobility.

Transparency Matters

At King Guide, we believe everyone is entitled to know exactly what new and updated information goes into our reference. No other injectable drug compatibility reference on the market offers this level of transparency, making it difficult to determine the quantity and quality of the work they produce.

We invite you to compare "What's In Your Database?"

Peer Reviewed, Evidence Based

We strive to include in the King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures only that information which has been published in peer reviewed and refereed journals or information that is provided by the manufacturer. We believe that by using only data that have been reviewed via the professional literature, we insure the accuracy of the content of King Guide. Unpublished results that have not had the benefit of scholarly review are inadequate and other references that rely heavily on unpublished results should be scrutinized cautiously.

Spring 2020


In addition, new compatibility information is reported for ERAVACYCLINE with 51 other drugs.

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